TODAY’S AGENDA What are you watching?

What are you watching?

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On Tuesday 24th February, we hosted our first event of the year – “what are you watching” at Channel 4 studios. With people’s TV and video viewing habits changing dramatically, and increasingly more ways to reach your audience through video, it can be hard to know where to begin… Read the summary of our event here.

We gained a fantastic insight into the world of video from a content creation, distribution and broadcasting perspective and saw a number of different ways brands such as Coke, Playstation and Burberry are leveraging video to engage audiences.

Firstly, we heard from Damon Lafford and Dan Bixby from Channel 4, who spoke about how the broadcaster has evolved since its inception in 1982, and also how advertisers can leverage the range of cross-platform video options they have to offer.

You can see the video of their presentation here.

Surprisingly, TV viewing habits haven’t changed as much as it may seem – with 82% of people reportedly still making ‘appointments to view’ i.e. making sure they are sat down to watch the live broadcasts of their favourite programme. However, where we can see a real change is the TV viewing behaviours of 16-24 year olds – with as little as 17% of the audience choosing to watch live broadcasts – the remainder opting to watch programmes on-demand when it suits them.

With new platforms and behaviours comes new opportunities for advertisers – and the wealth of data now available (thanks to sign up services) means personalisation of campaigns is increasingly possible. Not only that, platforms can be integrated to produce a truly engaging experience for the user – such as using a Playstation controller during an advert to enter a competition.

The Content Revolution

We then heard an inspiring talk from Zad Rogers, a TV producer turned content creator who believes this explosion of ways to reach your audience through video should be embraced not shun away from. The beauty of platforms such as YouTube means there is so much more creative freedom to produce what you want – and partnerships with large broadcasters, whilst still important – are not vital to campaign success.

Of course the fundamental ingredient here is creating great content. It needs to be engaging for viewers and something they want to talk about, watch again and share. Brands are the ones that know their business the best, so should be trusted to be creative. Watch Zad here

What are your customers watching? And what if it’s not you?                                           

From a distribution point of view, Simon Orpin from Electric Glue gave us his take on the fundamental role video has to play in engaging audiences. Once again, the focus needs to be on creativity and gaining the one creative concept that will work for your brand. There are more and more spaces opening up for content to live, such as the BBC taster website, and generally speaking, brands are yet to catch up on the opportunities video has to offer.

In a seemingly confusing multi-screen world, it’s interesting to note that the one person not confused by it is the consumer – especially young ones. Advertisers shouldn’t see different means of distribution as separate entities, rather see the creative concept as the fundamental ingredient to any campaign. Campaigns with a strong creative element running through them can be up to 10x more effective than a ‘standard’ ad. The environment in which your content lives in is fundamental – consumers are aware when they are being sold to, so intelligent, creative solutions need to be created. Watch Simon’s talk here

References and Sources

During the morning, the speakers referred to a number of sources that you may want to look at to research the topics covered in greater depth. They are:

All presentations can be viewed here

Simon referred to two Ted Talks Videos: Joi Ito “Want to innovate? Become a now-ist” and Nicholas Negroponte’s “5 predictions, from 1984”

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