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Pete Robins

Luckily I’ve been doing this digital media malarkey since it started in the UK in 96, when others scoffed and most people thought I did IT. Agenda21 is the 4th business I’ve started, having decided to leave running Mediacom’s digital offering over 11 years ago, with a cosy seat on the board. I did this to prove to myself that a fast, smart, agile unencumbered agency specializing in digital media across connected devices could be relevant for similar thinking ambitious advertisers.

Somehow this has worked. I’ve been Chairing the IPAs Digital Media group for over 5 years, and was awarded a Fellowship of the IPA in 2015.

But more importantly than all that I’ve been competing in triathlons since 1997, been passionately into cycling since the late 70s(!!) and have had a beard since 2001. All of these I can prove I’ve been doing, into or have had way before others jumped on the relevant ‘trendy’ bandwagons (not that I’m bitter about it).