Engineered for digital survey

Is your business engineered for digital?

Are you in a position to exploit the opportunities presented by digital to gain competitive advantage? You will be by answering thought-provoking questions about your attitudes & approach towards digital.

"The survey showed me that we're doing really well – but of course we're still on the journey! ".

Head of customer acquisition

"It's good to be able to benchmark our digital readiness against other businesses".

Chief information officer

"I wanted to get a feel for how far we still have to go on our digital journey. The survey was a great help".

Global ecommerce manager

"Surveys like this are vital for us to gauge how well we are working with agenda21 and identify area for improvement".

Head of digital sales

The agenda21 'Engineered for digital' survey is a straightforward and free way for you to benchmark your digital activity against other brands and highlight the areas of your digital approach that might need most attention.

By answering 10 fundamental questions about your digital 'readiness', you will confidentially map out where you sit in comparison to others around you.

This will give you the confidence to pinpoint your priorities and precisely identify where you need to take action. It will give you the clarity and confidence to make better decisions around your digital media.

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