Helping Google see your website more like a human

The constant evolution of Google means that agenda21 is always evaluating, testing and delivering innovative SEO solutions for our clients. Rather than chase the algorithm and trying to unpick the 2,500 signals Google uses within organic search, our SEO focuses on where Search is going, with the goal of trying to help Google (and other search engines) see your website more like a human.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO activity can often have the biggest initial impact on natural search visibility and often recommendation can go unimplemented due to technical restrictions or lack of resource. We don’t work on a one size fits all approach, rather we work with you to understand your technical challenges and restraints and where possible help you find the right solution, whether that’s by finding alternative solutions or assisting with the implementation. We play a role in educating stakeholders who are not directly related to SEO. In our experience, well-informed stakeholders are typically more engaged, more supportive and more proactive.

We can help with:

• Website migrations
• Ongoing technical support and implementation
• Technical auditing
• Implementation support
• Technical SEO best practice training for a variety of platforms
agenda21’s technical team are from development backgrounds, and they have an understanding of processes that need to be followed on large scale sites.

Onsite SEO

Successful onsite SEO means that search engines are able to understand the context of your web pages and the relationships between them to determine the relevance to a user’s search query. agenda21 can help with the following onsite activity:

• Keyword research and mapping
• Website structuring
• Page layouts
• Audience insights
• Competitor research and insight
• On page optimisation (titles, descriptions, images, videos, etc.)
• Copywriting
• Internal Linking

Content Marketing

Using our proprietary content planning tool; Content Compass we deliver content strategies based on what your audience actually wants. We hate the term “SEO content”, we are passionate about creating content that gets read, shared and linked to.

We deliver:

• Content planning – content21
• Infographics
• Infogifs
• Videos
• Interactive content (data visualisation, games, guides etc.)
• Campaign pages
• Editorial content and articles
• Content outreach
• Link auditing
• Link reclamation
• Link penalty removal

A joined up approach

Analytics-driven digital media planning and buying across all connected devices.

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Display Media

Examples of our work

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