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The Rise and Rise of Multi‐Touch Attribution

January 23, 2018 5:02 pm Published by

The 5 Signs That Your Company Must Ditch the Last Click Attribution Once and For All

Traditionally, last click attribution has been the default way of measuring a site’s performance, registering the customer journey as defined by their final decision. But the method is fundamentally flawed.

‘Last Click’ hugely overvalues some channels which often appear only at the end of the conversion funnel, such as affiliates, and often undervalues channels like Display, whose aim it is to raise brand awareness. This means results are often massively distorted and skewed when compared to the more recent alternatives now on offer.

Many companies only use Last Click models as a last resort, because it is familiar, and other standard models such as First Click Attribution aren’t much better.

However, in May 2017 Google launched a free attribution tool to disrupt the market. This data-driven attribution model is proving a far more accurate way to measure the performance of media channels and is simple to implement.

Using Google’s data-driven attribution (DDA) a brand can easily monitor and allocate media spend more efficiently. DDA is different as it crunches both converting data and non-converting data for you, to give a true value for how different marketing channels are performing.

These are the five signs that your company must stop using the Last Click model:

A large proportion of sales come from existing customers often through email or brand paid search channels. This means you are not likely to be generating incremental customers.

Facebook tells you the campaign went really well despite your conversion reports not matching theirs.

You have invested in a large media spend on branding your company and products, but the Last Click attribution systems do not take this into account.

Sales shot up during a display media campaign but our Last Click attribution system did not give credit when that was the only difference in the marketing compared to the same time last year.

A huge share of your sales are credited to affiliates or offer-led media when most of your marketing effort and credit has been cannibalised by them. Without the up-front branding users would not trust your brand and so its benefit will be overlooked if you use a Last Click attribution system.

The issues covered would include:

The Last Click methodology of attribution is flawed and exactly why

Why some companies still use such an outdated method

Why a data-driven attribution solution is so much better

Instructions on how you can do it

The tangible benefits of this moving forward in terms of reporting, decision‐making – leading to greater successes

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