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Lean & Flexible Ads Delivered by 2017

October 20, 2016 11:16 am Published by

The IAB have released a new standard ad format portfolio for open consultation. The document outlines their proposals for changes to ‘standard’ ad formats, which they are looking to introduce in Q1 2017. The purpose of the change is to help the industry build improved guidelines for display advertising across the increasingly diverse digital landscape.

With emerging technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality really coming to fruition, the time is ripe to address what the accepted, ‘right’ way is to deliver new digital ad formats such as emerging 360-degree image ads & emoji ads as well as improving the formats we’re used to like native & display.

The ability to deliver quality, engaging, immersive digital creative is being increasingly tested. With emerging technologies there are more and more ways to tell your brand’s story in the digital world. With that comes specific challenges around how to ensure the creative will look the best it possibly can do, in different formats & on different devices. Badly developed ads will likely be either not viewed or blocked by the very people you want to be engaging with your brand and will fail to convey the message you want them to.

The proposed display ad guidelines from the IAB include “LEAN principles of lightweight and non-invasive advertising as well as to embrace fluid cross-device and multiple resolution screens”. The traditional pixel size specifications are simply not fit for purpose to allow agencies and advertisers deliver great digital experiences anymore. In essence, the new proposals will ensure ads are seen in the best possible way irrespective of device or format. The adoption of HTML 5 rather than Flash has been another hurdle for creatives to overcome & the result has been large file sizes which directly impact viewability. New proposals from the IAB will look to incorporate aspect ratio specifications rather than pixel sizes, making digital media delivery more scalable and futureproof with the advances of new technology.

These proposals are made with the end user in mind and are to be implemented by early 2017.

agenda21 have always and will continue to comply with IAB regulations around the delivery of the display advertising for our clients. Leena Vara-Patel, our Operations & Ad Tech Director says:

“It’s a significant and necessary development for creative in the multi-screen environment. The majority of the proposed changes effects the creative build and media agencies, but ultimately it will improve the overall user experience of digital advertising”

The full document can be read here & if you have any questions around the changes, get in touch.

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