We’re hiring- Content Marketing Manager

Job title: Content Marketing Manager

Reports to: Head of Content

The role in a nutshell

Take pride in the content they deliver, caring about the quality of their craftsmanship.

Create content with the user, reader, or watcher in mind, but do not forget that search engines consume their work too.

Have a superior command of written English, and are pedantic about grammar – with perfect prose, and an eye for detail.

Dogmatic on avoiding overly complex language and ‘fluff’, using only concise copy with a consistent tone and formatting to craft well-structured and easily digestible stories.

Are content elitists – critics and sceptics, despising of poorly researched editorials, clickbait headlines, spammy copy, stock imagery, and content for content’s sake.

Key responsibilities

Familiarising themselves with their clients’ products and services, the target audience and their competitors’ activities;

Using proprietary software and systems to research and analyse for content insights and creation

Writing and formatting copy for category, product, service, and resource landing pages

Researching topics and ensuring accuracy of data and reliable, relevant sources

Creating stories that flow well from data or research;

Writing succinct, original copy without superfluous ‘fluff’ or unnecessary words;

Communicating the ‘long and complex’ as ‘short and simple’ through copy reduction techniques;

Proofreading copy to check spelling, grammar, and accuracy;

Amending or revising content in response to feedback from the content team or clients;

Working to (sometimes tight) deadlines with multiple projects at once;

Maintaining and updating a personal and team publishing calendar;

Finding and obtaining suitable images with permissions for use;

Understanding legal regulations for copyright and compliance;

Writing for the financial and medical industries among others

Having knowledge of SEO where it’s relevant to content marketing, particularly aspects of keyword research, meta information, anchor text, internal linking, and ‘equity signals’.

Providing content relevant SEO recommendations

Account management – attending client meetings, calls, and dealing with other client correspondence

Regular planning sessions at the client’s locations

Reporting & monthly reviews including presenting status and success of client work

Attending brainstorming sessions with the content team, developing creative ideas and concepts with rationale

The ideal candidate

Will have 2+ years’ experience of content production;

Will have 2+ years’ experience of client account management;

The ability to write good, clear copy in a variety of styles with accurate spelling and grammar;

Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines;

Strong organisational skills;

Accuracy and attention to detail;

The resilience to accept criticism of your work;

Commercial awareness with the ability to understand the target audience;

Good research skills;

Administrative, IT and proofreading skills;

A basic understanding of SEO is a bonus (extensive training will be provided).


If you apply for this role, you will be asked to supply examples of your writing – whether it be a blog, past articles, or otherwise. If you reach interview stage, you will also be given a writing exercise, to demonstrate your ability to research, mine data, and then convey the story in an effective and professional way. For obvious reasons, your written English as far as grammar and spelling must be perfect.

Jenna Aarons :