Content Compass

Your business may already have a content strategy, but is it the right one?

Content Compass cross-references you and your competitors to reveal the gaps and trends in your audience’s online searches.

Content Compass. Your track to more traffic.

This bespoke system maps out which topics you need to write about, based on what your audience is looking for – whilst showing the keywords to use for maximum search engine visibility.

  1. Discover what new content to create.
  2. Explore which existing content to modify.
  3. Learn what to include, to ensure your audience finds you before your competitors.

As a fully managed service, Content Compass will deliver insights on terminology, demand, and competition levels for different topics. All of this, through to recommendations for on-page Search Engine Optimisation factors.

You can opt for the insights and have your internal teams create the content, or have fully written and optimised pages delivered as complete and ready to go live.

How does it work?

We map out the landscape.

  • Who’s the competition?
  • Who’s ranking for what keywords?
  • Where are searchers looking?
  • What have they found?

We then use this map to search all the trends, and find the gaps in content, by directly comparing  you and your competition.

Once we’ve found an area of interest, we dig deeper. Uncovering the topics and keywords that you need to create targeted content.

We clean and organise the demand, competition, and category data for the topics and keywords with user and search ranking value.

Then we get rid of the excess . . . leaving you with the content that helps your audiences to easily find you through organic search.

Content Compass. Helps search engines see your website like humans do.