TODAY’S AGENDA Changes in Content Consumption Mean Making Content that Reliable Sources can Share

Changes in Content Consumption Mean Making Content that Reliable Sources can Share

August 1, 2015 9:00 am Published by

The nature of how we consume content online changed with the advent of social media. I used to have specific publishers I would read, particular newspapers or other sources of information, both general and industry specific, to catch up on all types of news. I don’t do that anymore – I just check Twitter.

Instead of finding and reading information from publishers, I follow people. Those people then tell me what’s worth reading, watching or seeing. I follow journalists I believe to have a high level of integrity, who I know will check their sources, and avoid fallacies in their reporting. I follow industry experts who I believe know what they’re talking about, and I follow people in general who do the same and share their findings. And by the way, there’s only a risk of confirmation bias in this if you allow it.

This works because these people filter through the available content online, filtering out repetition and rubbish, to find the good stuff which they then pass on.

I went for a pie with Jon Henshaw the other day and he explained how he likes to use Twitter to do just that, he reads lots and shares the best he finds, so people following him will get the cream of the content – in this case, the nuggets of SEO and digital marketing news and findings.

Thankfully there are a lot of people doing this, and if you follow them then you’ll be getting good content from a diverse and wide variety of sources.

So there’s the measure. There’s the where to set the bar. When you’re creating your content, think about the influencers in your industry – think about the people who do the filtering and sharing, because they have lots of followers who trust their judgement and read what they’ve shared, because they’ve shared it.

As long as you make content something the influencers in your space like, across all of the top social networks, then not only will they share it but you’ll get their followers sharing it too. Then you know, that’s good content.

At agenda21 Digital some of the many questions we ask ourselves when planning content is… Would anyone share this? Who would share this? Who are the influencers of the audience we’re targeting, and would they share this? That’s part of the reason we make good content!


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