Our work Vodafone – No1 for Mobile

Vodafone – No1 for Mobile


At the start of August 2016, Vodafone had 0.78% SEO market share (according to Searchmetrics) across all targeted search query categories including Pay Monthly Voice, SIM only, Fixed Broadband, Mobile Broadband and Outlet (refurbished phones).

For some time, the site had performed poorly for key traffic and revenue-driving search terms in all of these categories – in particular for high value/high volume iPhone and Samsung queries in the Pay Monthly Voice category.

We set the challenge of achieving 2.8% SEO market share across these categories by April 2017 starting from mid-August 2016.

Problems facing agenda21 & Vodafone’s Digital team:

  • Outdated website on multiple platforms (CMSs)
  • Poor implementation of previous e-commerce CMS migration – limitations with faceted navigation and URL structure
  • About to embark on digital transformation project
  • Poorly configured and optimised product and category pages (e.g. iPhone, Samsung etc.)
  • Declining traffic and sales from organic search
  • Direct competitors dominating the market
  • Non-agile production processes with long lead times for implementing SEO recommendations (6/12-months in some cases)


“To help Google see Vodafone’s website more like a human”


Starting in August ‘16 we embarked on a program of technical and onsite SEO activity to improve organic performance for Pay Monthly Voice, SIM Only, Fixed Broadband, Mobile Broadband and Outlet (refurbished phones).

The process started with a strategy document which contained targets, forecasts, competitor performance, an initial review of the site categories, a SWOT analysis and an activity roadmap.

In order to record performance, KPIs such as SEO visibility and SEO market share were benchmarked against competitors then delivered to key stakeholders in regular monthly reports and quarterly business reviews.

Creating an effective working relationship with Vodafone:

  • Meeting and working with key stakeholders including; product owners, digital Team, Global Team, other incumbent agencies in Vodafone
  • A21 staff deployed on site 3-days a week for BAU and migration project activity
  • Staff site access and laptops with access to internal network via VPN
  • Training on Vodafone work request system
  • Whitelisting of SEO tools to be used on site (e.g. Screaming Frog, Deepcrawl, DYNO Mapper)
  • Obtaining infrastructure diagrams and walk through to understand how components played a role in the system architecture and where server configuration files exist to house rewrites and redirects

Key areas of activity:

  • Removing zero value pages from Google’s index and improving the crawlability of the sites’ key pages to improve their performance
  • Raising bugs to be resolved by Vodafone’s defects team and UX team
  • Organisational and product schema introduced across key pages (e.g. homepage, iPhone devices, Samsung devices)
  • Support campaign launches including iPhone 7, Black Friday, Winter Sales, Samsung A5, Samsung A3, Samsung S8 and Nokia 3310
  • On page, content changes and internal link recommendations
  • Ideation, development and creation of ‘best for’ hub and journeys
  • Implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and testing across product pages
  • Working on existing redirect issues for mobile broadband section


  • *13% increase in traffic from organic search year-on-year
  • *41% increase in sales from organic search year-on-year
  • 1st Telco in the UK to launch AMP pages on product pages
  • From 3rd to the leading telco in the Voice category
  • More Fixed Broadband SEO market share than other more established brands such as EE, BT, Sky and Virgin Media
  • Overtake EE and O2 in Mobile Broadband category


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