Our work Marathon Runner handbook increases search market share for Science in Sport

Marathon Runner handbook increases search market share for Science in Sport


Science in Sport (SiS) is a leading sports nutrition brand, specialising in endurance products such as powders, bars and gels. The sports nutrition industry is extremely competitive, with dozens of health brands battling to dominate the search results. SiS wanted to widen their appeal in the sports nutrition market, whilst maintaining their position as an elite sports brand. They needed to increase direct online sales of their sports nutrition products. We therefore needed to improve their visibility within search queries in order to drive traffic to their site.

What we did

The solution was to generate engaging, attention-grabbing content that would appeal to the broader athletic market, whilst maintaining SiS’ position as an elite brand. Our research showed that high search volumes existed around “the importance of certain food groups in fitness regimes.” We found that there was a lack of coherent information about how to structure your diet when trying to get fit. We decided to shape the content strategy on re-educating mid-level fitness enthusiasts in terms of sports nutrition. We focussed on four main areas; protein, hydration, isotonicity and recovery as these were the terms that seemed to be the most misunderstood and underrepresented online. The content was presented in simple, illustrated, animated guides; ideal for newcomers to sport and nutrition, but also of interest to elite athletes. We then orchestrated the outreach of the content across social media, with all shares and links being directed to the SiS site. This coupled with the correction of the technical site issues, ensured that the SiS pages were easy to find.

The Result

As a result of their enhanced online presence, SiS now have a greater market share than their two main competitors. The search position for SiS pages increased for several volume-driving keywords and this resulted in conversion rates improving by 9%, transactions rising by 16% and revenue increasing by 6%. The content itself was extremely well received, with the number of website users growing by 12%. The animated guides we produced have directly influenced the look and feel of the SiS website and social media pages and are even being used at trade shows and industry events. Following the profound success of the content we produced, we have created “The Marathon Runner’s Handbook” full of tips and tactics for experienced runners. Our actions surpassed the original challenge of driving online sales through both influencing the brand communications online + offline and ultimately increasing the market share for Science in Sport.

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