Our work Lowest CPC since account began for Air New Zealand

Lowest CPC since account began for Air New Zealand


Air New Zealand operates in an extremely competitive market, especially with flights their Los Angeles flight. We started working with Air New Zealand in late 2015 and immediately needed to restructure their account so that they could effectively compete within Paid Search. The budget was cut when we started working with them, so we needed to make savings elsewhere in order to maintain their presence within Paid Search and directly compete with the likes of American Airlines & Delta.

What we did

Not many people know that Air New Zealand do flights to LA, so we needed to ensure generic terms successfully drive awareness. We decided to break our activity in to 3 distinct phases, as too much change in a short space of time often leads to ambiguous results. We started by restructuring the campaign and introducing new keywords and followed by adapting ad copy and extensions, following a test & learn approach to see what yielded the best results. The final phase involved an in-depth audience strategy, where we were able to actively target previously engaged people, tying in display activity that we were also running. This should result in a far smaller cost of sale as ads are more efficiently delivered.

The Result

We compared results from before the account takeover and after we started working together. Our changes brought about a hugely significant 76% reduction in CPCs. This equates to savings of over £19,000 across the account. The average CPC for Air New Zealand is now the lowest it has ever been since the account began in 2012. Saved revenue was reinvested into generic keywords, meaning we were able to help drive awareness of the Air New Zealand brand and their LA offering. Coupled with this, we saw a spike in impression share, showing our approach to be hugely effective. Our results mean we’ve been given full backing by Air New Zealand to move in to the second phase of the account restructure.

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