Our work Geo-targeting engages healthcare professionals for Macmillan

Geo-targeting engages healthcare professionals for Macmillan


Macmillan approached agenda21 with the challenge of targeting healthcare professionals in order to encourage them to engage with the charity outside of the workplace. This group of people are notoriously hard to reach through traditional digital media, so the message needed to be compelling, highly targeted and cost-efficient. Success would be measured through arrivals to the page, indicating an increased level of awareness and engagement.

What we did

We used geo-targeting technology to isolate locations around hospitals. Macmillan were then able to monitor visits to those coordinates from mobile devices and directly target the regular visitors to those locations, who were likely to be health professionals. These people were then targeted with display advertising with a strong call-to-action to click through on to the ‘Macmillan healthcare professionals’ landing page.

The Result

The campaign produced an unbelievable response, generating just under 50,000 arrivals to the professionals’ page, at a click-through rate of just over 4%; four times higher than the industry benchmark. This led to a very low cost per arrival, which proved to be much more efficient than traditional digital activity such as premium-priced display ads on specialist websites. Furthermore, the quality of the traffic proved to be far better than traffic driven by premium placements such as the Nursing Times. By using innovative targeting techniques, we were able to put the right message in front of the right audience with minimal wastage. High click-through rates indicated that our targeting techniques were extremely effective, and Macmillan are looking to use the technology to target other, hard-to-reach audiences.

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